Research and Development

Finesis engages in STEM-focused Research and Development:
  • Non-invasive biosensors (optical, impedance, electrochemical, etc.)
  • Bioactuators (electroactive polymers, solenoids, servos, steppers and other 3D printed structures)
  • Robotic applicators for wearable biosensors (multi-axis precision motion control with computer vision)
  • IoT-enabled, wireless data acquisition and live monitoring (microcontroller-, microprocessor- and GPU-based)
  • Special purpose system integration in cloud or hybrid schemes, featuring AWS/Azure micro-services

(3D-printed CVD biosensor by Finesis)

UAS Solutions

Finesis develops the following Unmanned Aerial Systems capabilities:
  • Autonomous drones with up to 10kg MTOW
  • On-board companion computer integration solutions featuring NVIDIA hardware platforms
  • UAS IoT connections over cellular networks
  • Data streaming from airborne UAVs (visual, audio, SDR/radio, etc.)
  • On-demand, special purpose actuators/tooling (MEMS, electro-mechanical, pneumatic, laser)
  • Rugged mission control stations

Machinery and Industrial Services

Finesis manufactures machinery with real-time, A.I.-enabled optimization.
  • IoT-enabled industrial extruder solutions for oil extraction and hot melt extrusion
  • A.I.-based production yield optimization
  • Manufacturing of metal parts on CNC machinery

Check back often, as Finesis is sharing progress information on this web site. The main directions during 2022 are:

Continuous, mobile, light-weight live parameter monitoring for patients with chronic CVD conditions
Closed-loop hemodynamic control technology
Hot-melt extrusion with native support for personalized- / precision medicine
UAV (drone)-enabled medical/pandemic emergency protocol demonstrations
and more...
Finesis (global) is a proud memeber of:
Finesis LLC
Registered in the Delaware, USA jurisdiction under file number: 4693641
HQ address:
Lewes, DE 19958