Finesis LLC was incorporated in Florida, in 2024. The start-up develops, a technology solution for remote patient monitoring and more. The development began in Europe and was supported by AWS (Activate) and NVIDIA (Inception).

Following an opportunity granted by the USA to relocate the endeavor, the start-up opened up in Miami, FL.

At the current stage, has a demonstration-ready online presence at and facilitates health profile capturing, live and historical health data acquisition, custom data workflow management and personalized LLM-based health hints.

As next, Finesis integrates a custom biosensor block with the cloud-based solution, which will provide live monitoring of health 15 different parameters. The AI-enabled analysis will support reports for multiple user roles (doctors, pharmacists, nurses, family members, etc.).

In case you are a professional party interesting in learning more, please use the contact form on this portal and you’ll be contacted for a virtual walk-through.